Wellness Tip!

Lets talk about skin for a moment.

Your skin is the largest and most natural barrier and organ we have that protects our entire body. It’s also the most neglected, with aging, sun spots, dry or oily skin what ever challenges you may have there is always a option to protect your skin and keep it in a natural glowing, hydrating state. With the sun shining and warmer temperatures we are spending a lot more time outside so it’s import to stay hydrated with water and using a sun screen with an SPF in it. There are also many after sun lotions, hydrating lotions as well. Exfoliation of skin cells is generally higher in the spring and summer months due to being at the beach playing in sand or in the garden playing with dirt, as they are natural elements of the earth they exfoliated the skin and will also dry it out as well. The same goes for swimming in water or salt water. So it is important to use an hydrating lotion with SPF to protect you skin all spring and summer long no matter what activity you may be doing. Happy spring!


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