Hello and thank you for visiting the Grounded Wellness Website, weather its your first time here or if you have been here before, I encourage you to explore all Grounded Wellness has to offer.

If you have been to the webpage before you have may noticed a few changes starting with the look and feel of the new website and branding. That’s right Grounded Wellness is officially branded and we couldn’t be happier with how beautiful our new logo and website have turned out. Grounded Wellness website and logo were created by the one and only talented Jordanna Bubar of Jordanna Bubar Communications. Jordanna really took the time to sit down and listen to everything I wanted Grounded Wellness to encompass and with the information provided she took my vision and made it a reality.

Let’s talk a little about the logo you now see. When at first glance it looks like a person with tree branches, well that’s what I first seen. It was important to me to keep the tree as a tree has signified many things in my life and also signifies the tree of life which has a lot of meaning and keeps me “Grounded”. Now if you look directly into the middle of the logo you will see a cancer ribbon which signifies my battle and journey with colon cancer and why I started Grounded Wellness. Why is the logo mostly blue because blue is the color of the colon cancer ribbon. Moving on from the tree, ribbon and color with creating Grounded Wellness new look and moving in a new direction I had decided to stay within the color wheel of the peacock. If you look at the logo as a whole you may also see a peacock. I never knew a logo could have so many different meanings and signify so many different things and look so strong, beautiful, fun and whimsical. Jordanna defiantly took everything I told her and delivered. Thank you very much Jordanna!


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