Wellness Tip – Kids Massage

I would like to start leaving information on different topics as it pertains to overall health and wellness. The topic I have chosen is kids and massage. We offer kids massage as young as 8 years old, each session is 30 mins long depending on the size and age of the child. Did you know […]

The Grounded wellness Spa

With Grounded Wellness moving in a new direction, we have taken out the yoga studio and we are slowly transitioning. We are putting in a spa. We will be offering manicures, pedicures, waxing and hopefully more in the future. With this transition we don’t have a date as to when we will start offering theses […]


Hello and thank you for visiting the Grounded Wellness Website, weather its your first time here or if you have been here before, I encourage you to explore all Grounded Wellness has to offer. If you have been to the webpage before you have may noticed a few changes starting with the look and feel […]