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What is cupping?

Here at Grounded Wellness we do Dynamic cupping. Dynamic cupping is were an RMT uses silicon cups to create a suction against the skin. Cupping is great for a number of reasons:

  1. Cupping releases illness- causing stagnation. If you have allergies and a cold it is often said you have a stagnation of the lungs. RMT practitioners consider that cupping work better the darker color the mark is because the darker the color the more stagnation has been released.
  2. Increases circulation and speeds up healing with bringing fresh blood flow to the area in question. Because cupping creates localized inflammation, it can have this effect on a stagnant injury in addition to stimulating more blood and lymph flow to that area.
  3. Reduces pain and inflammation. Massage techniques involve manipulating blood flow into a muscle to release a trigger point and flush inflammation. Cupping therapy can do the same thing for areas of the body with less fat tissue, such as back and shoulders.
  4. Cupping releases the facia throughout the body, which help create a greater range of motion and helps improve flexibility.

Make sure you book your next cupping appointment with us and receive all the benefits cupping has to offer.


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